Your crisp guide to emergency dental care

Dental pain can compel you to go through unbelievable pain and suffering. It can disrupt your normal course of life beyond your imagination. As side effects it can give you consistent headaches, inability to eat or drink anything and sleepless nights in addition to the unbearable pain in the tooth. It is important to note that dental emergencies are thoroughly different from medical emergencies. Therefore it is important to have a clear understanding of what a dental emergency is. It is also important to know what you should do if you face a dental emergency. Remember dental emergency in any form must be taken seriously. You cannot go easy in attending to any dental emergency.  

But for ordinary people it is not possible to recognise a dental emergency at all times. Considering this fact a leading emergency dentist near me suggests emphasising upon the facts and factors that qualify as dental emergencies. Here is a word of utmost caution. It is not important to judge whether or not your symptoms are consistent with that of a dental emergency. It is more important that you should get in touch with a dentist immediately and seek advice in case you experience any untoward incident with your mouth.

Cases that are considered as a dental emergency

While suffering from dental pain everyone wants a dentist diagnoses the source of pain and treats it. Usually when people suffer from a dental pain they wonder if they could arrange an emergency appointment with their dentists. As it has already mentioned above, a dental emergency is completely different from a medical emergency. Dental emergency cases are assigned higher priority by dentists. Therefore when you indeed suffer from a dental emergency you usually get a see a dentist earlier than you consider. A dental emergency covers a broad range of conditions including the following –

  • Severe pain in the tooth or gums – When you suffer from severe pain in the tooth or the gums you need an emergency dental appointment to get the necessary relief faster.
  • Massive bleeding from the mouth – Severe and uncontrolled bleeding from the oral cavity or mouth is a case of dental emergency. If you ever suffer from such symptoms just see a dentist right away.
  • Completely knocked out tooth – When a tooth or two get completely knocked out from their sockets in the jaw as a result of an impact or injury all you need is an emergency dental appointment to retain the teeth. Else you are likely to suffer from tooth or teeth loss.
  • An infection in the pulp – Even a dental abscess is considered as a case of dental emergency. An abscess infects the inner pulp chamber of the tooth. If the problem is not treated on time and left ignored it may even lead to a life-threatening condition. Trained and qualified experts providing emergency dental care near me suggest if you develop swelling in the mouth or feel knots in the jaw then you must report the matter to your dentist immediately.

Conditions that are not considered as dental emergencies

If you want to know about the conditions that are considered as dental emergency then it is important to know the conditions that are not dental emergencies. 

  • Under normal circumstance a chipped or cracked tooth is not a case of dental emergency. But if the sharp fragments of the tooth stay inside the mouth or the patient complains of severe pain then the condition becomes a case of dental emergency.
  • When a dental crown is missing it is not an emergency. The same goes for missing fillings in the teeth. But in both cases the dentist may see you on priority basis as these cases though not emergencies but demand priority. Therefore you get to see a dentist in each of these cases sooner than usual.
  • Toothache is not a dental emergency until and unless it is causing severe pain. When you can wait with your toothache to see a dentist then it is not a case of dental emergency.

Now that you know what are considered as dental emergencies and what are not, it is important to remember something important. Whether your case is a dental emergency or not you must see a dentist right away when you suffer anything serious related to your oral health. Let the dentist consider whether your injury or condition qualifies as a dental emergency.

How to get an emergency dentist appointment

An emergency NHS dentist near me explains how to get an emergency dentist appointment in this section of the blog post.

When you know that you need a dental emergency appointment it is your responsibility to contact a dentist. This can be your regular dentist or a completely different one. Point to remember, in order to get an emergency dentist appointment you do not need to go to the practice where you are already registered as a patient. At the time when you call the dental practice make sure to tell them about your problem in brief. It is also important for you to mention that you would like to schedule an emergency appointment.

Usually surgeries reserve a number of appointments to accommodate emergency patients. Therefore getting an emergency dental appointment is not a big deal under usual circumstances. Staffs at dental practices can offer you the emergency appointment that is available next. Most practices also provide “out of hours” emergency appointment. 

It is a good idea to seek an emergency dental appointment first at your regular practice. if they cannot give you an emergency appointment you can should try out other practices where you are not registered as a patient suggests a dentist associated with SW19 Confidental Dental Clinic in London.

What to expect from an emergency dental appointment

At an emergency dental appointment your dentist will identify the cause of your problem and treat it. When a patient suffers from acute pain, an emergency dentist first diagnoses the cause of the pain and then offer pain relief. If a tooth needs to be extracted to give you permanent relief from your pain and suffering in that case the emergency dentist will explain you the entire matter first. Only then he or she will go forward with extracting the tooth.

If you can reach out to an emergency dentist on time then it is possible to save your knocked out tooth or teeth. But make sure the roots of the tooth (or teeth) are not damaged or those do not die out before the dentist can start your treatment. 

Skilled and experienced dentists working in an urgent dental care near me also treat patients suffering from dental abscess. Dental emergencies are often unbearably painful and frustrating. Certain accidents cannot be predicted before they occur neither can be avoided. But as for other matters related to dental emergency, do not wait till the last moment. 

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