Your practical guide to select the right domestic and commercial electrical contractors 

It is utmost important to search out a skilled and reliable electrical contractor for a home or a commercial facility. Experienced electricians perform their jobs properly and prevent chances of electrical fires or damage to the appliances. When you have qualified and licensed electrician working on the electrical system of your property, you enjoy peace of mind knowing your property is safe from potential electrical hazards.

It is possible finding a trustworthy electrician by asking for recommendations from your friends, family and colleagues. Furthermore you have to ask the right questions and check the relevant certifications of a candidate during the interview round. Then you have to understand the cost quoted by the electrician for the electrical work. As a matter of fact these steps that help zero in upon a technically sound electrician are common for both residential and commercial electricians alike. In the following sections of the blog post let us explore those tips in details.

Steps to find a reliable electrical contractor

It is important to know how to find a good electrician near you. Only a good electrician can deliver quality work. It is quality electrical work that ensures your home or commercial facility is electrically safe and there are almost zero chances of electrical shocks and fires in those premises. What are the good qualities of a Certified electrician? The qualities are many but the most important ones include trustworthiness, core professional expertise and reliability. When you engage a right electrician on your electrical project you know the tradesman will carry out his tasks with ultimate care and precision to deliver the best possible service. Commercial electrical contractors having years of experience in the vocation share the following tips. These tried and tested tips are helpful finding the right electrical contractor for your property. 

Recommendations from erstwhile clients are important

While you are looking for a skilled and reliable electrician the best thing you can ask a shortlisted candidate is recommendations from people you know and trust. In that way it is good idea to hire a local electrical contractor who possesses sound reputation. This way you avoid fraudulent electricians to get into your project. Recommendations from your trusted sources are the best way to judge whether an electrician is capable to provide satisfactory services and positive results.

It is also a good idea to request your friends, family and colleagues to recommend technically competent and trustworthy electricians they have got satisfactory service from. If this strategy does not yield result then you can always rely on the virtual web to provide leads. If you search the Internet for best electricians in your locality, you will surely come up with some positive results. During the interview round you should meet up several contractors and ask for their references. Then follow up with those previous customers. Ask them about their experiences working with the electrical contractor and whether they would like to hire the tradesman again. This is how you streamline your search for a reliable and skilled electrical contractor for your project.

Ask questions and evaluate the answers

It is also important to ask a few questions related to the services they offer to your shortlisted candidates before hiring. This questionnaire round is a reliable way to recognise a skilled and reliable tradesman. The questions will also help you gather a lot of relevant information that proves helpful making the final selection.

This questionnaire round proves helpful in the following way –

  • The type of services these professionals provide – It is better to choose an electrician, who is adept offering all the services that you need for your home or office.
  • How many years one is in this vocation – It is important to ask how long each of your shortlisted candidates is in this vocation. The longer one is associated with the trade the more are the chances of providing a reliable service.
  • Whether one is a master electrician, a journeyman or an apprentice – A master electrician will possess the highest level of skills and experience. A journeyman is capable to provide good quality services and often prove sufficient for the majority of small to medium electrical projects, suggest commercial electrical contractors near me in London. 
  • An estimated project timeline – Before hiring an electrical contractor you should better get an opinion about the typical timeline the project will take. You should clear out this aspect with every shortlisted candidate during the interview round. Time related queries are important especially if you have a time-sensitive project to deal with.
  • The guarantees they offer – Get clear ideas about the kind of guarantee each of the electrical contractor is going to offer. Once your selection of the contractor is done, do not forget to ask for a written guarantee.

Checking the certifications, licensing and insurance coverage of electrical contractors

Why is it important to check the certifications and licensing of any electrical contractor? This is indeed a valid question; licenses and certifications of these tradesmen validate the levels of skills and workmanship they can offer. Here is a list of documents suggested by commercial electrical contractors in London that you should ask an electrician to produce before hiring him for your job.

  • HSE certification or Health and Safety Executive
  • Accreditation from relevant organisations like Trading Standards, Citizen’s Advice, and the Consumer’s Association
  • Necessary licensing issued by relevant authorities like local Buildings Department

Professional licenses and certifications provide a lot of necessary information about any professional electrician. These factors prove –

  • How much you can rely on an electrician
  • How much attention an electrician pays to safety
  • The level of workmanship one can provide with
  • The level of capability one possesses

Insurance is another vital factor to take into account while hiring an electrician for a job. When an electrician carries the necessary insurance coverage, it allows you to avoid liability in case an accident occurs while working on your project. You should only work with a contractor who possesses the necessary insurances. Electricity is always potentially hazardous and an accident may take place any time. So it is always better to stay prepared for an untoward incident beforehand.

Qualified and experienced tradesmen working at Commercial Electrician London have something more to add to the ongoing context. According to them always avoid the lowest bidder for your electrical project. Cost is an important factor to consider in these circumstances but when you select the lowest bidder for your job, it often turns out to faulty work.

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